Effectiveness of UVC Disinfection in a Long-term Care Facility

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Long-term care (LTC), assisted living and rehabilitation facilities present a unique challenge to infection prevention. One reason being that residents are much more mobile than patients in a hospital, and also because there are many more common or shared spaces. Also to consider are hospital readmissions via cross infection and urinary tract infections (UTIs) as well as the current push for more transparency in the LTC industry. Since these patients… Read More »Effectiveness of UVC Disinfection in a Long-term Care Facility

Less Germs. More Smiles.

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With more than 2 million cases each year and an estimated cost to hospitals of more than $30 billion, healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) pose important challenges to the entire healthcare industry. However, given young patients’ higher risk of infection, among other factors, children’s hospitals in particular need higher levels of protection and cleaning. One promising approach is the use of UVC disinfection—exposing patient rooms or other spaces to ultraviolet-C light that… Read More »Less Germs. More Smiles.